Be the Leading Transmission Developer, Owner and Operator for New York State

Large and well-planned expansion of the transmission grid is critically needed in New York State to relieve congestion and integrate renewables.

In the Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act (AREGCBA), enacted in 2020, New York State has outlined an expansive transmission plan with NYPA in a key role. AREGCBA will help prioritize the planning, investment in and development of a state-of-the-art grid infrastructure, and aggressively advance the interconnection of renewables and the efficient delivery of clean power statewide.

Our ability to expedite critical transmission infrastructure projects and our deep expertise in strategic transmission planning, which optimizes system design and avoids stranding assets, are why the AREGCBA has designated NYPA the first choice to lead transmission expansion in New York State.

NYPA’s strategy to be the leading transmission developer, owner and operator for New York State and its changing needs, will be realized by:

  • Investing $200 million to $400 million annually to grow NYPA’s transmission asset base by three to five times by 2030
  • Concentrating our transmission portfolio on projects that balance system planning, returns and wider state objectives
  • Accelerating New York State’s most critical transmission projects in support of CLCPA goals
  • Focusing on transmission as a core business, with leading capabilities in planning and development, project delivery, and asset management