Strategic Priorities

Our Strategic Priorities for Leading New York’s Transformation

  1. Hydropower: Preserve and enhance the value of our hydropower assets as a core source of carbon-free power in New York State, and as a source of flexibility and resilience as the state’s grid evolves

  2. Natural Gas: Pioneer the path to decarbonization by acting as a testbed for innovation while ensuring reliability, resilience and affordability of New York State’s energy grid

  3. Transmission: Be the leading transmission developer, owner and operator for New York State and its changing needs

  4. Customers and the State: Partner with our customers and the state to meet their energy goals in alignment with the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act by providing clean and affordable energy along with innovative customer solutions

  5. Reimagine the Canals: Repurpose the New York State Canal System for the economic and recreational benefit of New Yorkers while driving operational efficiency