Customers and State

Partner with our Customers and the State to Meet their Energy Goals 

NYPA provides energy management solutions that reduce costs, increase resiliency and lower greenhouse-gas emissions. Our leading-edge services range from providing clean power to implementing retrofits and helping customers move to renewables.

As the energy landscape becomes more complex, consumers find themselves seeking clean and resilient solutions in addition to their traditional need for reliable, affordable and convenient energy options. NYPA continues to adapt as the market changes. We are partnering with our customers as their trusted energy advisor; we collaborate on clean energy blueprints, provide clean power, implement energy efficiency retrofits, identify operational improvements and help customers install solar and energy storage.

Our customer-facing businesses fall into three broad categories: electricity supply, customer energy services and electric vehicle infrastructure. We continue to innovate and grow our customer solutions, adding new clean energy offerings that supplement our hydropower-based economic development programs. NYPA supports energy-use reduction through energy efficiency services and NY Energy Manager, our digital energy management platform that empowers customers to optimize their energy consumption.

Innovative new offerings include end-to-end management of distributed energy resources (DER) such as solar and storage. NYPA is exploring the potential to help customers create new revenue streams with solutions such as the aggregation of DERs, and with new digitally integrated solutions to manage their energy assets.

NYPA supports state objectives by working with customers to develop their fleet electrification and decarbonization infrastructure and by making fast charging accessible, affordable and convenient to all New Yorkers through our EVolve NY program.

To serve as the trusted energy advisor for our customers and achieve the state’s energy goals, NYPA will:

  • Grow our retail supply business by pursuing opportunities with new and existing customers through green power options and renewables
  • Support our customers and the state by ensuring that 70 percent of our retail power supply, produced by NYPA or obtained from other sources, is renewable and cost-effective
  • Empower our customers to decarbonize by providing integrated and local energy solutions
  • Ensure our business lines are sustainable so we can continue to serve our customers and the state
  • Expand our internal capabilities with an integrated energy solution offering