Decarbonize Natural Gas

Pioneer the Path to Decarbonize Natural Gas Plants

NYPA will pioneer the path to decarbonization by acting as a testbed for innovation while ensuring the reliability, resilience and affordability of the grid.

NYPA owns and operates a portfolio of natural gas assets that provide critical reliability and resiliency to New York State’s grid. NYPA commits to eliminating carbon dioxide emissions from these plants by 2035 without sacrificing the reliability of our electric system.

To lead the transition from natural gas to low- to zero- carbon technologies, NYPA will pilot such technologies at our facilities and leverage our infrastructure to ensure reliability and affordability. Building on our internal expertise, we will pursue a collaborative approach with policy makers, community members and the private sector to achieve the state’s goals as we navigate this rapidly changing landscape.

NYPA will become a proving ground for innovation by:

  • Identifying the critical characteristics of natural gas plants that must be replaced
  • Thoroughly investigating the potential for low- to zero-carbon technologies (such as carbon capture, synthetic gas and batteries) at all our facilities
  • Building on our experience of taking new energy technologies from pilot to scale
  • Collaborating with our partners across the value chain to complement our own capabilities
  • Engaging with the communities in which we operate and serve, and fostering green job creation

NYPA has begun this journey by partnering with environmental justice organizations to explore the feasibility of carbon-free technologies at several of our facilities. NYPA is clearing the path to transition New York State from fossil fuel generation, leading the industry by example and continuing to act as a critical player in stabilizing the grid as it integrates cleaner sources of energy.

NYPA will lead New York in achieving the state’s fossil fuel targets: 

Policy Target
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Reduce emissions by 30 percent from 2020 to 2030
Proposed Peaker Rule
Reduce nitrogen oxide pollutants
New York City Residual Oil Elimination Eliminate combustion of fuel oil No. 4 in New York City by 2030
Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act; and Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act Transition the state from fossil fuels to at least 70 percent renewable electricity by 2030