NY Energy Zone

Take a Powerful Journey through the past, present, and future of electricity, and New York State’s part in it!

NY Energy Zone 35 Utica Zoo Way Utica, NY, 13501

Open 7 days a week
10 am to 5 pm (closed certain holidays)

Free admission & parking!
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Experience NY Energy Zone

The NY Energy Zone is a fully interactive facility that offers a thrilling journey into the world of electricity, past, present, and future! Watch a spectacular movie in our 3D theater, then participate in interactive exhibits where visitors can build their own power structures or step into the role of a control room operator. The facility provides a window into New York State’s electric history and the significant work at NYPA’s Frederick R. Clark Energy Control Center.

Plan Your Trip

  • The NY Energy Zone is an interactive, educational experience that introduces visitors to the dynamic world of electricity and New York State's role in it.
  • The exhibits and activities cover a wide range of topics, from the history of electricity to the future of the grid. Visitors can build a bulb, a power plant, and solar and wind installations, become a control room operator, and even "fly" a drone over power lines.
  • For questions or more information, please call us at 315-792-8720 or email us at EnergyZone@nypa.gov.

Immerse your students in the electrifying world of power generation at New York State's first and only learning center dedicated to all things electric. The NY Energy Zone features a dedicated STEM learning space equipped with modular desks and cubbies, perfect for educational programs and youth initiatives. And our learning space and conference rooms are accessible to the community, providing a unique venue for educational events and gatherings.

About John S. Dyson

John S. Dyson was instrumental in shaping the New York Power Authority (NYPA) into a beacon of clean energy and energy efficiency. He led significant strides towards sustainable power generation, promoting initiatives that continue to benefit New Yorkers. Today, the NY Energy Zone stands as an electrifying tribute to Dyson's contributions to clean energy, education, and the state of New York.

Doug Trumbull Theater
Visits to the New York Energy Zone begin with a screening of IMAGINATION!, a spectacular 3-D movie by legendary filmmaker and visual effects pioneer Douglas Trumbull.
There's lots to do before and after you visit NY Energy Zone.