NYPA Financials

NYPA’s financial success is predicated on the health of its generating and transmission facilities. By keeping our assets in top condition, NYPA can support New York's energy and economic development initiatives. In addition to the revenue from the sales of our power and services, NYPA's balance sheet includes bonds issued to finance long-term investment.

Budget and Financial Plan - NYCRR Title 2, Section 203

Regulations implemented by the Office of the State Comptroller (N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. Tit. 2, Section 203 et seq.) require that the annual budgets and four-year financial plans of 55 public authorities in New York State be made available for public inspection at a minimum of five convenient public places throughout the state and on each authority’s website.

NYPA’s Trustees will be asked to approve a final budget and four- year financial plan for 2024-2027 including any modifications and amendments, at their meeting currently scheduled for December 12, 2023. Please be advised that the date of the meeting is subject to change. A Preliminary view of that document, the Proposed 2024 Budget and 2024-2027 Financial Plan, is available now. Contact the Office of the Corporate Secretary for further information.

The Annual Budget and Financial Plan will also be available for review seven days before the commencement of the next fiscal year at seven libraries in New York State: Niagara Falls Public Library, Albany Public Library, White Plains Public Library, Sachem Public Library, Buffalo & Erie County Public Library, Massena Public Library and Astoria Public Library.