Foundational Pillars to Ensure Success

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RESOURCE ALIGNMENT: To meet our ambitious objectives of VISION2030, it is essential that our workforce is as skilled and flexible as possible, access to information and knowledge is readily available, and our core business processes are optimized.  NYPA’s initiatives of Workforce Planning, Knowledge Management and Process Excellence, collectively known as Resource Alignment, are addressing these needs.  The Resource Alignment initiatives are vital to ensuring NYPA fulfills its strategic ambitions.

Workforce Planning focuses on creating innovative and curated experiences to attract, engage, and inspire a skilled, diverse, and resilient workforce. Solutions include activating NYPA’s Values to permeate a results-oriented, mission driven, and forward-thinking culture; incorporating new technologies into talent acquisition and development; and expanding workforce analytics and performance metrics. Accomplishments include:

  • Launched immersive employee and manager development programs, MBA in Sustainability

  • Received Forbes magazine’s Best Mid-Sized Employer awards in 2018 and 2019, the first such accomplishment in New York State public authority history

Knowledge Management captures and disseminates institutional knowledge and uses innovative technologies to make it accessible. Solutions include enabling peer-to-peer education to create a knowledge sharing culture; deploying enterprise content management tools to increase access and dissemination of content; and applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to customize access to content. Accomplishments include:

  • Captured 85 percent of retiring or departing staff members’ knowledge and reduced onboarding time by 50 percent

  • Digitized more than 250,000 critical documents

Process Excellence optimizes our core business processes and instills a culture of continuous improvement across the enterprise. Solutions include providing all staff with base competency in process improvement methodologies; applying process improvement methods and tools in high-impact areas; and achieving enterprise adoption of Agile technology tools to improve efficiency. Accomplishments include:

  • 150 employees received Lean Six Sigma, Agile, Green or Yellow Belt certifications

  • More than $10 million in cost/capacity savings realized