Renewable Energy Access and Community Help

NYPA was granted authority to work with the state Public Service Commission (PSC) to establish the Renewable Energy Access and Community Help (REACH) program to provide renewable energy bill credits to low-income New Yorkers.

It will help support disadvantaged communities by enabling low-and moderate-income electricity consumers to receive bill credits through the production of renewable energy products developed by or for NYPA and other funding sources.

More specifically, under REACH, NYPA, either alone or with partners, will develop a portfolio of renewable energy generation projects and distribute a portion of the revenue from these projects to the state’s investor-owned utilities. They will use these funds to generate bill credits for middle- and/or low-income energy consumers in disadvantaged communities.

Bill credits will be distributed by the state’s investor-owned utilities. The PSC will, as part of REACH, issue an order specifying the particulars about how this will be done.

In January 2024, NYPA filed a petition with the PSC to begin the process of establishing the REACH program. 

Read the NYPA Report on Feasibility and Advisability of REACH-like program for Municipal and Rural Cooperative Utilities here.

Q: Will REACH be implemented in the service territories of municipal utilities and rural cooperatives?

A: Given the unique characteristics of the state’s municipal utilities and rural cooperatives, the New Law did not authorize REACH to be implemented for these entities. Instead, NYPA was directed to study the feasibility and advisability of a REACH-like program for these utility service territories. It will report on its findings in May 2024. You can review the report here.