Wood Pole Treatment

Wood Pole Inspection and Treatment Program

NYPA operates and maintains a 1,400+ mile statewide transmission and distribution system that includes nearly 7,000 wood utility poles that operate from 2,400 to 345,000 volts.

The wood pole inspection and treatment program helps to ensure that the reliability of the system is maintained by closely monitoring the life cycle of the wood poles, as well as preventing premature failure by applying the latest inspection, treatment and repair techniques.

Maximizing the life of wood utility poles is performed in a multi-step process that includes the development of demanding purchasing specifications followed by a comprehensive inspection, testing and treatment program. At the end of the pole's life, it is disposed of.

Coupled with NYPA’s Integrated Vegetation Management program, which is recognized as a "Right-of-Way Steward Utility" through the accreditation program of the Right-of-Way Stewardship Council, the wood pole treatment and inspection program is geared to minimize the environmental impact and disturbance to local land owners.

Treatments are used either alone or in combination based on utility industry best practices.

All treatment application methods are used in accordance with label instructions.