Moses-Adirondack Smart Path Reliability Project

Smart Path: Rebuilding an aging transmission line

Work has resumed on the Smart Path project, a vital transmission infrastructure project to rebuild and strengthen the Moses-Adirondack transmission lines. In coordination with New York State and other regional partners, NYPA identified a number of essential generation and transmission projects and associated construction, including the Smart Path project, that can safely continue using additional precautions against the spread of the COVID virus. 
Through an Incident Command Structure, NYPA will continue to monitor the pandemic and make adjustments to these precautions as necessary.


About the Smart Path project:
NYPA is rebuilding its 86-mile-long Moses-Adirondack transmission line. Though consistently well-maintained, the line is over 70 years old and has exceeded its service life. Rebuilding the line will lead to long-term benefits and support future upgrades in voltage, which would allow for greater transmission of energy from renewable sources developed in Northern New York.

Reforming the Energy Vision: Building a cleaner, more resilient, and affordable energy system for all New Yorkers. #REV4NY

Rebuilding NYPA's Moses-Adirondack transmission lines: 86 miles long, the line runs from the switchyard at NYPA’s St. Lawrence-Franklin D. Roosevelt Power Project in Massena to the Adirondack Substation in Croghan.

The lines were built in 1942 and have exceeded their service life. The MA1&2 lines are essential for system reliability and system restoration (blackstart). Plan includes the removal of the old wooden H-frame structures and a rebuild with modern steel monopole structures.

Licensing and engineering studies began in 2015 and will continue through 2019.

Schedule (subject to change):

2020: Start of Construction
2023: Completion of Construction


Moses-Adirondack Smart Path transmission line

The Project will be required to obtain permits and approvals from the following agencies:

  • Federal Aviation Administration:
  • New York State Public Service Commission:
  • US Army Corps of Engineers:
  • New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Documents related to these regulatory approvals will be posted once completed.

If you have questions about the Moses-Adirondack Smart Path Reliability Project, please contact us:

Jeff Farrell
Real Estate Administrator
Phone: 315-764-6837

Karen White
Manager, Community Relations
New York Power Authority
Phone: 315-764-6863

Or call: 866-697-8758

An updated construction schedule will be posted soon

Smart Path Transmission Project

NYPA's Smart Path Project

Improving the resiliency and reliability of a nearly 90 mile stretch of New York State's energy grid


NYPA's Smart Path Project