ReCharge NY

Does My Business Qualify?

More than 700 NY businesses have received lower-cost power through the ReCharge NY program. Is yours next? Here's what it takes:

The program is open to most businesses and nonprofit organizations. Not eligible are retail businesses, sports venues, gaming or entertainment-related establishments, and places of overnight accommodation.

ReCharge NY (RNY) power contracts are awarded competitively. The New York State Economic Development Power Allocation Board (EDPAB) reviews applications and makes allocation recommendations to NYPA's Board of Trustees, who approve allocations. Contract terms may be up to seven years. Applications are evaluated according to:

  • Significance of the cost of electricity to applicant's total cost of doing business and the impact an allocation would have on the applicant's operating costs
  • New capital investment in New York State resulting from an allocation 
  • Type and cost of buildings, equipment and facilities to be constructed, enlarged or installed
  • Extent to which an allocation would be consistent with existing regional economic development strategies and priorities
  • Applicant's payroll, salaries, benefits and number of jobs at the facility receiving an allocation
  • Number of jobs created or retained within New York State
  • Applicant's risk of closure, curtailing facilities or operations, relocating out of state, or losing jobs in the state
  • Significance of applicant to the local economy
  • Extent of applicant's investment in energy efficiency measures
  • Whether applicant receives a NYPA hydropower allocation or benefits supported by the sale of NYPA hydropower
  • The extent to which an allocation would result in an advantage relative to the applicant’s competitors within the state
  • For not-for-profits, the significance of the critical service or substantial benefits to the local community
Applications are available online at the link below, or directly through the New York State Consolidated Funding Application (CFA). RNY can be found under "Direct Assistance to Business" or "Energy and Environmental Projects."