Smart Street Lighting NY

Smart Street Lighting NY: Empowering communities to make energy-efficient investments

By converting existing streetlight systems to energy-efficient LED, municipalities are able to save taxpayer dollars, provide better lighting to their community, reduce energy use and subsequently decrease a community’s impact on the environment.

Benefits of this service to municipalities:

  • Customer has one point of contact throughout all phases of the project
  • Full turnkey service, including: lighting audit; engineering and design; bidding and procurement; construction management; and environmental services
  • NYPA provides low rate financing for qualified customers, including the option to finance the purchase of the system as part of the project
  • Municipality is able to realize both energy and maintenance savings
  • Option to bundle your streetlight conversion project with other energy efficiency projects

Interested municipalities can register and submit their information: Smart Street Lighting NY Interest Form 

The Public Service Commission approved Section 70-a, more commonly referred to as the transfer of street light systems, on October 13, 2016. The order provides clear guidelines for municipalities to begin the process of purchasing their streetlights from the electric utility that owns them.

New: Smart City Technology Grant Program 

The Smart City Technology Grant Program is NYPA’s newest addition to Smart Street Lighting NY.

Apply Today: Smart City Grant Application Form

Street lights have evolved to be more than just a way to illuminate roadways, now they are considered strategic assets. Communities can utilize street light infrastructure in an entirely new way to improve public services and operational efficiency by incorporating Smart City Technology to collect information and empower communities to make data driven decisions. This cutting edge technology is completely customizable to help communities solve current challenges they are facing, below are examples of the technology that can be deployed:

  • Public safety: video analytics, noise and motion monitoring, gunshot detection
  • Environmental: air quality, ice and snow detection, sewer and storm water monitoring, weather detection
  • Transportation: traffic optimization, traffic monitoring, parking management
  • Connectivity: digital kiosks, connected vehicles, smart phone applications

Through NYPA’s full turnkey services communities can improve light quality, generate significant energy savings associated with the LED conversion, and make yours a ‘Smart Community’ with the latest technology. Still have questions? Contact us today to learn more.

Coming Soon: Outdoor Lighting O&M Service

NYPA’s Smart Street Lighting NY O&M service offering will provide municipalities:

  • A complete turn-key solution for the conversion and maintenance of their street light system
  • Essential maintenance to keep the street light system in proper working order for safety and public benefits; addressing aging infrastructure, weather events, traffic accidents, and defects
  • This program offers complete end-to-end coverage of the street light system for each municipality

Updates will be posted on this webpage as our new services roll-out.

For questions relating to Smart Street Lighting NY and associated services please submit a Smart Street Lighting NY Interest Form or email us at