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New York Power Authority Launches New Tool to Standardize Data

Software-Based Tool Elevates Data Quality as NYPA Prepares for Data Standardization Accreditation 


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Contact: Maura Balaban | 914-390-8171 | maura.balaban@nypa.gov

WHITE PLAINS—The New York Power Authority (NYPA) today announced the launch of a new asset information tool that gives NYPA staff from across the state access to accurate, real time information on the quality of asset data. NYPA launched the asset information tool Nov. 1 to improve data quality.  The new software tool helps position NYPA to achieve accreditation from the International Organization of Standardization, an industry asset management standard. The work also supports NYPA’s commitment to develop and share best practices under Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) strategy for building a more resilient, affordable and clean energy system.

“By placing greater emphasis on data quality, NYPA will be able to quickly and easily identify areas where we can improve and develop a better understanding of trends in data quality across sites and asset classes,” said Gil C. Quiniones, NYPA president and CEO. “More robust data helps NYPA meet its asset management goals and provide more reliable energy service for New York State.”

The tool takes data from existing systems (such as Maximo) and uses color coded, easily digestible displays to allow for in depth analysis and interaction. Users will be able to efficiently manage the quality of data on NYPA’s assets by using the multi-layered displays to identify issues through three primary functions:

1.            Measure asset data quality. The NYPA development team worked with employees across various NYPA facilities to develop the Data Quality Index (DQI), a set of calculations that defines the quality of a particular piece of data. Each piece of data set is tested against a series of business rules and given a score from zero to one. The higher the DQI, the better the quality and more reliable the data.

2.            Visualize data. The visualization component takes the data quality measurements and presents the results in an easily digestible format. Asset managers can compare and view summaries of data quality for all assets at a specific site and specific asset classes, or drill down to the level of individual assets.

3.            Manage and remediate incidents. The DQI can provide instant insight into whether the data quality of an asset needs improvement. The specific issues impacting the score are identified and documented, and resolution of these issues is tracked through the tool. Throughout the resolution process, notifications are sent to asset owners on status and progress until all issues are addressed.

The asset information tool supports NYPA’s growing mission to treat data as an asset. This approach advances NYPA’s data quality and governance initiative and Asset Management strategy as it works to become the nation’s first end to end digital utility. 

About NYPA:

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