Strategic Vision

NYPA's Strategic Vision

More than a century after the introduction of commercial electricity, the electricity grid and the role of the utility are being reimagined. NYPA is well-positioned to help our customers take full advantage of all that this new era offers. We generate and deliver over 20 percent of the State’s electricity needs and are the only energy services company with the ability to provide both comprehensive and customized energy solutions. 

Looking ahead, we will help bring about the flexible, distributed, consumer-driven energy system of the future by investing in the things that customers truly value. NYPA will lead this transformation in concert with our customers.

On our path towards becoming the first end-to-end “digital utility” in the country we are redesigning how we manage our assets, helping our customers adapt in an ever-demanding business environment, and utilizing innovative digital technologies.

NYPA will make customer success our success.

Working with customers in new ways requires utilities to reprioritize and organize around what success means for the customer. Moreover, as stewards of the electricity system, utilities need to take accountability for results. NYPA will enable customers to have greater control over energy use.

NYPA will continue to manage the risk of electricity price volatility for our customers by ensuring that they enjoy the best value energy bill.

NYPA will lead the State in accelerating and innovating new technologies and business models that help create value for NYPA and for our customers.

Strategic Vision 2020