In the Business of Clean Energy

NYPA’s Clean Energy Business offers a comprehensive suite of design-build energy project services, digital energy management and peak load reduction capabilities.

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The Power Authority brings world-class expertise and deep local knowledge to designing, installing, commissioning and financing projects for energy efficiency, carbon reduction goals, resiliency and distributed energy. We have worked on more than 2,100 projects, saving customers hundreds of millions of dollars in energy costs and improving both energy resiliency and productivity.

NYPA's energy efficiency program continues to grow to support New York State's energy goals. NYPA has plans to finance and implement more than $1.5 billion in energy efficiency measures throughout New York State up through 2025 at state, local and municipal government facilities, continuing to develop its program to $300 million annually. The energy efficiency measures include heat pumps, new high efficiency boiler replacements, updated controls, HVAC upgrades that will reduce natural gas consumption and related clean energy solutions.

In addition, NYPA is providing free heat pump screening assessments for NYPA customers and undertaking demonstration projects for electric heat pump solutions with its customers. NYPA is also leading by example in collaboration with SUNY to drive toward higher efficiency buildings and achieve SUNY's greenhouse gas emission reduction goals, and working hand-in-hand with the New York City Housing Authority to upgrade old heating systems through turnkey services and financing.


Commercial Operations:

By July 2020, after NYS went from on "Paused" to "Unpaused" as we navigated the COVID-19 crisis, NYPA’s Commercial Operations resumed work on 25 energy efficiency projects across NYS. Among them is a major heating improvement project at the wastewater treatment plant at Wards Island Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility in Manhattan.

The $134 million project at Wards Island, to replace the wastewater treatment facility’s boiler plant, is one of the largest energy efficiency projects that NYPA is undertaking. It is part of a continuing energy-efficiency partnership with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, which manages the city’s water supplies.

Other projects restarted in recent weeks include a steam distribution modernization project supporting Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, energy efficiency upgrades at the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation’s (HHC) Jacobi Hospital and Cumberland Hospital, installation of cooling towers and chillers at the Shirley Chisholm State Office Building in Brooklyn, and Smart Street Lighting installations for Albany and Syracuse.  

The restart of the upgrades at the HHC facilities are important for hospitals caring for Covid-19 patients. The improvements include new equipment for providing heat and hot water for sterilization, plus upgrading elevators for patient and staff use.

Commercial Operations anticipates that by September construction will have resumed on approximately 80 percent of the 125 projects that were under construction prior to the pandemic. By year’s end all of the projects are expected to have been restarted. They are part of a NYPA portfolio of 441 energy efficiency and clean energy projects that are in various stages of development and construction. The Commercial Operations is leveraging digital tools as much as possible in support of construction initiatives, including digital design reviews and virtual site walk-throughs.


"New York is leading the transformation to a clean energy economy by accelerating the development of more large-scale solar and wind projects in every corner of the state. These investments put us at the forefront of the transformation to clean energy and like New York always does, we are leading the charge."
NYPA President and CEO Gil C. Quiniones


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#RestartSmart | NYPA President & CEO Gil Quiniones speaks with Julia Hamm, President & CEO of SEPA, about Clean Energy projects and #RestartSmart


We have a long-standing relationship with SUNY, developing and implementing energy efficiency projects over the past 20 years. Through the NYPA Energy Efficiency program, SUNY has invested $283M to complete 123 projects that have resulted in annual energy savings of $22.6 million and 1.01 TBtu.

Our foundation is in performing deep energy efficiency retrofits throughout New York State. As customer needs have changed, we have expanded our offerings to include new turnkey services such as the solar plus storage installation at SUNY New Paltz, and the deep sub-metering being conducted at State facilities using NYPA’s New York Energy Manager (NYEM). Our expertise, combined with low-cost financing has positioned the Power Authority as the market leader in the State, enabling comprehensive clean energy solutions.

SUNY Clean Energy Roadmap & Plan

SUNY Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson is leading from the front and inspiring a shared energy vision across SUNY campuses. NYPA and other state agencies are working in collaboration to support SUNY in realizing its vision.

NYPA has the expertise to be a financing and delivery partner for Physical Improvements, Operational Tactics and Workforce Development in the SUNY Strategic Energy Plan. Services that are most relevant to SUNY’s goals include:

  • Implementing energy conservation measures for existing buildings to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Procuring clean energy through the development of new renewable energy generation sources
  • Hardening existing infrastructure through the development of microgrids
  • Greening SUNY’s fleet by strategically siting and building out electric vehicle infrastructure
Many of these services are eligible for NYPA’s low-cost financing which will lower out-of-pocket expenses for campuses.