NYPA Responds to COVID

In March 2020 we entered unprecedented times when COVID-19 swept into New York State. NYPA remains unwavering in our commitment to providing reliable power while ensuring the safety of our employees.

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The criteria for “unpausing” and easing lockdown restrictions are based on a geographical region meeting seven public-health metrics set forth by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.

  • All Regions of New York State are in Phase 4 (NYC, Western NY, Capital Region, Northern NY, Central NY, Southern Tier, Mohawk Valley, Mid-Hudson, Long Island and Finger Lakes)

Learn more about the New York Forward plan, and note that the Governor will announce further phases of opening as the requirements are met by each region.

To further jumpstart the economy, the state will work to increase low cost renewable power downstate and production upstate with building of new cross-state transmission cables; expedite a power cable from Canada to New York City and increase renewable energy resources.

Utility Operations:

Many of our construction projects have now restarted after being placed on pause because of the pandemic. By the end of June, NYPA’s Utility Operations restarted 16 capital projects, with that number expected to grow to 70 by year’s end.

Construction has resumed on our new Utica Visitors Center, along with other construction projects including the Moses Adirondack Smart Path Reliability Project in Northern New York, installation of new circuit-breakers at the Clark Energy Center’s (CEC) Marcy switchyard, an initiative to restore a small-hydro plant that provides power to the Village of Potsdam, a concrete rehabilitation project at the St. Lawrence project’s Massena Intake and the Life Extension and Modernization Program at the Lewiston Pump Generating Plant.

NYPA continues to apply safety and security protocols and procedures to help ensure the health, safety and security of our workers at work sites across NYS.


Commercial Operations:

NYPA’s Commercial Operations has resumed work on 25 energy efficiency projects across NYS. Among them is a major heating improvement project at the wastewater treatment plant at Wards Island Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility in Manhattan.

The $134 million project at Wards Island, to replace the wastewater treatment facility’s boiler plant, is one of the largest energy efficiency projects that NYPA is undertaking. It is part of a continuing energy-efficiency partnership with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, which manages the city’s water supplies.

Other projects restarted in recent weeks include a steam distribution modernization project supporting Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, energy efficiency upgrades at the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation’s (HHC) Jacobi Hospital and Cumberland Hospital, installation of cooling towers and chillers at the Shirley Chisholm State Office Building in Brooklyn, and Smart Street Lighting installations for Albany and Syracuse.  

The restart of the upgrades at the HHC facilities are important for hospitals caring for Covid-19 patients. The improvements include new equipment for providing heat and hot water for sterilization, plus upgrading elevators for patient and staff use.

Commercial Operations anticipates that by September construction will have resumed on approximately 80 percent of the 125 projects that were under construction prior to the pandemic. By year’s end all of the projects are expected to have been restarted. They are part of a NYPA portfolio of 441 energy efficiency and clean energy projects that are in various stages of development and construction. The Commercial Operations is leveraging digital tools as much as possible in support of construction initiatives, including digital design reviews and virtual site walk-throughs.

  • All Regions of New York State are in Phase 4 (NYC, Western NY, Capital Region, Northern NY, Central NY, Southern Tier, Mohawk Valley, Mid-Hudson, Long Island and Finger Lakes)

Phase 1 includes construction, which allows expansion of additional construction work to resume on sites. Phase 2 includes administrative staff. Phase 3 includes restaurants/food service (not applicable to NYPA). Phase 4 includes Education/Recreation.

While some NYPA and Canal Corp. employees will continue to work remotely for now, some will return to their workplace in regions that have been "unpaused" by the Governor. This will be a phased and calibrated process, with employees’ safety and health in mind. Sequestration of essential employees at our six major facilities (where mission-critical employees had been staying in place 24/7 to ensure the continuity of our operations during the pandemic) has ended at all locations.

Some employees in “unpaused” regions of New York State have been cleared to return to their work site/facility by their leadership and as per New York Forward phase and site/facility plans, while most who can work remotely are asked to continue to do so until further notice. NYPA is supporting employees with a comprehensive 'Return to the Workplace' Guide.

See below for Phase (as relevant to NYPA) and Sites eligible by Phase.

UNPAUSED Phase 1: Construction (operating facilities) - NYPA sites/locations: ALB (Capital Region), B-G & CEC (Mohawk Valley), BUF & NIA (Western NY), FLN (Long Island), STL (Northern NY), SYR (Central NY), WPO (Mid-Hudson), ZEL & SCPP (NYC)

UNPAUSED Phase 2: Offices/Administrative (professional support services) - NYPA sites/locations: ALB (Capital Region), B-G & CEC (Mohawk Valley), BUF & NIA (Western NY), STL (Northern NY), SYR (Central NY), WPO (Mid-Hudson), FLN (Long Island), ZEL & SCPP (NYC)

UNPAUSED Phase 3: Restaurants/Food service (N/A)

UNPAUSED Phase 4: (Education/Recreation) -- we will post more information soon regarding how this applies to NYPA's Visitors Centers (which remain closed for now) including the Niagara Power Vista, Blenheim-Gilboa (B-G) Visitors Center, and Hawkins Point (STL) Visitors Center


Our Procurement/RFP web page features important COVID-19 guidance, information and instructions 

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) and New York State Canals Corporation is providing an update on the state’s response to COVID-19 and guidance to all Suppliers, Vendors, Consultants and Contractors. Understanding that the situation is rapidly changing, NYPA will continue to provide updates based on any changes to law, rules and regulations, Executive Orders or the impact of COVID-19 on the State of New York.

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Reaching veterans during COVID-19 and honoring their great service

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Stay Strong, Rock Your Mask, Practice Social Distancing, Keep it Clean