NYPA Customer Energy Solutions

NYPA’s Customer Energy Solutions (CES) team offers a comprehensive suite of design-bid-build energy project services, digital energy management, and demand response capabilities. NYPA brings world-class expertise and deep local knowledge to designing, installing, commissioning, and financing projects for energy efficiency, resiliency, and distributed energy. In all, NYPA has worked on more than 2,400 projects, saving customers hundreds of millions of dollars in energy costs and improving energy resiliency and productivity. The CES team is available to serve public, commercial, municipal, and institutional customers of all kinds. NYPA’s technical and construction management services, along with tax-exempt financing for qualified clients, make CES a one-stop shop for energy projects.

NYPA Customer Energy Solutions: Delivering results, value, and customer satisfaction
2,400 completed energy projects
6,600 facilities improved statewide
$256 Million annual cost savings of combined projects

NYPA Numbers: Energy Services Impact