NYPA Renewables

The 2023-24 Enacted State Budget gave NYPA expanded authority to develop, own, and operate new renewable energy projects to assist New York State in meeting its clean energy targets – targets that include producing 70% of the state’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and creating a zero-emission statewide electric system by 2040.

In addition, the enactment authorizes NYPA to develop action plans, through a Decarbonization Leadership program, that will advise 15 of the state’s higher emitting agencies on further decarbonizing their facilities.

What's next?

NYPA concluded the stakeholder conferral process that is intended to gather input from state agencies and key stakeholders regarding progress on the implementation of New York’s renewable energy goals.

NYPA will consider the information from the conferral report to help inform the development of a strategic plan that identifies projects and describes other actions the Power Authority will undertake to help the state meet its clean energy targets.

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