Transmission Overview

NYPA Transmission Lines form the Backbone of NY’s Electricity Delivery

NYPA operates one-third of the major transmission lines in New York State, helping to form the backbone of the statewide grid for electric power distribution. Our 1,400 miles of transmission lines carry power from generation sources to substation distribution centers, where they feed the lines that connect to individual customers. From high-tech transformers and other major equipment to advanced monitoring and automated, instantaneous response capability, NYPA, coordinating with other transmission operators and the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), is actively improving New York’s grid.

Building Capacity for Marcy South

The Marcy South Series Compensation Project, now completed, will increase power transfer capability from Upstate NY to Downstate NY and reduce transmission bottlenecks in the region.

Title from the Marcy South video

Building Capacity for Marcy South