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NYPA is First Energy Company to Partner With American Association of Blacks in Energy to Address Racial Justice in Energy Sector

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Contact: NYPA Media Relations, Susan Craig, media.inquiries@nypa.gov; (914) 681-6770


NYPA Leadership Shares Commitment to AABE Energy Equity Initiative with Board of Trustees


NYPA to Invest $10 Million and Deliver on Organization-wide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ten-Point Action Plan


Customer and Community Focused Efforts and Employee Trainings to Address Antiracism, Bias, Microaggression, and Build Cultural Competency


WHITE PLAINS - The New York Power Authority (NYPA) today announced that it is the first energy company in the nation to join the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) Energy Equity campaign to increase the representation of African Americans in employment, leadership, business contracting, and workforce development in the energy industry. The novel collaboration was announced at today’s NYPA Board meeting, where NYPA leadership also shared it will double its investment in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Environmental Justice; and Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprises from $5 million to $10 million. Details will be submitted to the Board for its approval in September.


To realize this landmark and necessary commitment and investment, NYPA has crafted a comprehensive action plan to move the largest state public power organization in the nation forward toward a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce. The partnership will be launched with specific deliverables and desired outcomes, outlined in a 10-point plan. The results of this initiative will be measured and reported to the NYPA Board of Trustees on a regular basis.


“NYPA takes on the pressing issues of our day head on and I am pleased that the Authority is going to partner with a leading organization in AABE to address racial justice at NYPA,” said John R. Koelmel, Chair, NYPA Board of Trustees. “The Board looks very much forward to seeing the changes that stem from this important collaboration.”


“We are embracing an opportunity today to lead -- to lead our industry and our sector – by pursuing a multi-faceted, action plan to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace at NYPA,” said Gil C. Quiniones, President and CEO. “By partnering with the American Association of Blacks in Energy to achieve its essential campaign’s far-reaching goals, we will together achieve greater African American representation at NYPA, and in the broader energy, renewable energy and electrification fields.”


Paula R. Glover, President & CEO, the American Association of Blacks in Energy, said, "The American Association of Blacks in Energy is pleased to team with NYPA in its work on racial equity. Like NYPA, we believe that working together we can be a better industry when we embrace opportunities to improve the representation of African Americans in the energy industry. With its 10-point plan, NYPA is the first energy company to join our Energy Equity Initiative. NYPA has long demonstrated support for communities during times of great need. We are thrilled to work with NYPA and are pleased with the Authority's commitment and investment. AABE is committed to addressing the issues of equity and bias, and we invite others to join with us. We look forward to working with NYPA and other partners to make a difference in our business for African Americans."  


NYPA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group, in close collaboration with NYPA’s Executive Management Team, crafted a 10-point plan with actionable strategies to adhere to AABE’s campaign goals and to address racism, biases, inequities and exclusion. The plan’s items include both internal and external measures, listed below:


Internal Commitments


1. Reaffirm NYPA’s commitment to building and maintaining a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture.

2. Ensure that NYPA processes, policies and procedures are transparent and free from bias.

3. Expand ongoing training to NYPA employees on antiracism, unconscious bias, microaggression, and cultural competency.

4. Create a Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Officer position, reporting to the President and CEO and to the Chief Human Resources and Administration Officer – and increase investment in the office of Civil Rights and Inclusion.  

5. Invest in NYPA’s black employees and create pathways for career development and upward mobility.

6. Cast a wider net and secure a diverse slate of applicants for vacancies by partnering with professional organizations such as the American Association of Blacks in Energy, Historically Black Colleges and Universities and local and national colleges and universities.     

7. Partner and support our employee unions at the national, regional and local levels and invest in their diversity, equity and inclusion programs and initiatives.


External Commitments


8. Leverage NYPA’s experience, resources and purchasing power to build capacity and access to MWBE firms.

9. Broaden NYPA’s community-based STEM, student internship and mentorship programs to increase the pipeline of utility and clean energy workers of tomorrow – including the creation of a targeted college scholarship program.

10. Create an enterprise wide employee service program dedicated to understanding racial justice through our clean energy business, such as community solar for example, and energy sustainability work in environmental justice communities.  


For more information visit NYPA’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion website or AABE’s at www.aabe.org.


About the Collaborators:

The New York Power Authority (NYPA)
is the largest state public power organization in the nation, operating 16 generating facilities and more than 1,400 circuit‑miles of transmission lines, including approximately one‑third of New York’s high‑voltage power lines. More than 80 percent of the electricity NYPA produces is clean renewable hydropower. Located at NYPA’s White Plains Office, AGILe allows NYPA teams and external collaborators to evaluate the impact of new technologies on the bulk electric system before they are deployed on the grid. NYPA uses no tax money or state credit. It finances its operations through the sale of bonds and revenues earned in large part through sales of electricity. For more information, visit www.nypa.gov and follow the Power Authority on Twitter @NYPAenergy, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and LinkedIn


The American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) is the nation’s premiere energy professional trade association representing the interests of African American leaders and employees in the energy industry.  Our 43-year mission is to provide direct input into the deliberations and developments of energy policies, regulations, emerging technologies, and environmental issues. The association has over 2000 member across 38 chapters nationwide. Since its founding the Association has been the leader in informing and educating policy makers on energy issues, including impacts on diverse communities.