NYPA Press Release

Fall Seasonal Removal of Flashboards at Crescent and Vischer Ferry Dams Begins Dec. 8

For Immediate Release: 12/4/18

Contact:  Maura Balaban, NYPA | maura.balaban@nypa.gov | (914) 390-8171

NOTE TO EDITORS: The schedule for this work was revised twice due to river flows on the Mohawk River. The latest schedule begins December 8.

ALBANY—The New York Power Authority (NYPA), working with the New York State Canal Corporation, will oversee the water drawdown for the seasonal removal of flashboards at Vischer Ferry and Crescent dams beginning on Saturday, Dec. 8. Flashboards, used to regulate water levels at the hydroelectric power plants, seasonally raise the pond level upstream of the Crescent and Vischer Ferry Dams. These activities will affect water levels which may affect marinas, boats and docks.


The Vischer Ferry Dam (Lock 7) spans the Mohawk River between Vischer Ferry, Saratoga County, and Niskayuna, Schenectady County. The Crescent Dam (Lock 6) is between Waterford, Saratoga County, and Colonie, Albany County.


The schedule is:


Saturday & Sunday, Dec. 8 & 9:
PM water levels at Vischer Ferry gradually drop approximately 2 to 2.5 feet below water levels normally observed during the canal navigation season. The water drawdown is completed by Monday morning (Elevation 211.0’ Barge Canal Datum).


Monday, Dec. 10:       
AM water levels at Vischer Ferry gradually rise approximately 2 to 2.5 feet to top of flashboards. (Elevation 213.1’ Barge Canal Datum). 


AM water levels at Crescent gradually drop approximately 2 ft., (Elevation 183.5’ Barge Canal Datum).  Removal of flashboards at Crescent is completed. 


PM water levels at Crescent rise approximately 3 inches to non-navigation season levels. (Elevation 183.8’ Barge Canal Datum). 


Overnight: Another gradual 2 to 2.5 foot drawdown begins at Vischer Ferry. Drawdown is completed by Tuesday morning. (Elevation 210.5’ Barge Canal Datum).

Tuesday, Dec. 11:

AM water levels at Vischer Ferry remain lowered to accommodate removal of flashboard and fish deterrent systems. (Elevation 210.5’ Barge Canal Datum).


PM water levels rise approximately 7 inches. (Elevation 211.1’ Barge Canal Datum).


Wednesday, Dec. 12:
AM water levels at Vischer Ferry drop approximately 7 inches. Removal of flashboards is completed. (Elevation 210.5’ Barge Canal Datum).


PM water levels rise approximately 3 inches to non-navigation season levels. (Elevation 210.8’ Barge Canal Datum).


Thursday, Dec. 13:
Planned contingency day for completing any unfinished work.


Barring any complications or inclement weather, the removal of the flashboards will be completed by Dec. 13.  Unforeseen precipitation and high water conditions may delay this schedule.  Any questions regarding this work should be directed to Mario Roefaro, New York Power Authority at 315-792-8335.


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