Brian Saez Hire

Brian Saez Hire

Central New York Native Tapped to Fill Top Position at NYPA's Blenheim-Gilboa Plant

Maura Balaban
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December 8, 2014


GILBOA—The New York Power Authority (NYPA) Monday named Brian Saez, an area native and longtime employee at NYPA’s Blenheim-Gilboa (B-G) Pumped Storage Power Project, the Power Authority’s new regional manager for Central New York, the top position at the hydroelectric plant.

In addition to B-G, his oversight will include NYPA small hydro projects on the Mohawk River (Crescent and Vischer Ferry plants), Hinckley Reservoir (Gregory B. Jarvis plant) and in Ulster County (Ashokan plant) and NYPA transmission facilities in the region.

Saez succeeds Lynn Hait, who retired last month following a more than 38-year career at B-G.

“Brian Saez’s leadership abilities were evident from the moment he arrived at the Power Authority, and his career trajectory here and performance at pivotal moments in the plant’s history reflect his professionalism and his dedication,” said Gil C. Quiniones, NYPA president and chief executive officer. “His experiences and expertise in the operation of Blenheim-Gilboa makes him uniquely qualified for his new responsibilities in assuming the ranking position at the plant.”

Saez joined the Power Authority as an apprentice operator in 2001. Following promotions with increasing levels of responsibility in the Operations group, Saez was named operations supervisor in 2007 and shortly became superintendent of Operations and Maintenance Resource Planning.

He was part of the control-room team responding to the 2003 Northeast blackout when B-G’s “black start” capability was called on to help restore electric service in New York State. As Operations supervisor, Saez played an instrumental role in overseeing B-G’s $135 million, four-year Life Extension and Modernization Program, which was completed in 2010. He also was part of the leadership team directing the project’s successful response to the challenges posed by Tropical Storm Irene, in August 2011.

Saez attended the Gilboa-Conesville Central School, and currently resides in Guilderland, Albany County.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in business administration from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Saez is chairman of the Pumped Storage Users Committee, an international group of owners and operators of pumped-storage hydroelectric plants.

The Blenheim-Gilboa plant, in Gilboa, generates electricity during peak demand periods by recycling water between and upper and lower reservoirs. It operates like a giant storage battery, providing economical electricity when it is most needed.

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