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Doing Business with NYPA

Photo of Hudson Transmission Project, 52nd Street.

Requesting Bid Documents 

We announce bidding opportunities for goods and services estimated at $15,000 or greater weekly on the New York State Department of Economic Development's Contract Reporter web site and on our own web site.

On the Contract Reporter web site, state agencies, departments, boards, bureaus and authorities (like NYPA) offer a wide variety of bid opportunities, listed by category. Each notice provides a description of goods or services being sought, the contact agency/authority/university, the contract term, the bid due date, the location of the work, the contact person for requesting hardcopy bid documents and where to submit a proposal.

NYPA maintains no prequalified bidders lists, and bidders are expected to demonstrate their proven experience within their proposals.

Additional business opportunities are possible by bidding or contracting directly with New York State's Office of General Services (OGS). At times, NYPA "piggybacks" on current OGS contracts.

We encourage minority- and woman-owned firms to participate in our Supplier Diversity Program.

Purchase of Power Resources

In addition to purchasing a variety of goods and services, NYPA also purchases electric capacity, energy and renewable energy attributes to enable us to serve our customers. Descriptions of these energy products and listings of current solicitations are available.

Commercial Office Leasing

NYPA's Real Estate department offers properties and business opportunities for lease through a formal Request for Proposals ("RFP"). Learn more about the office-leasing RFP process.

additional information

The Authority’s Procurement Officer is John Canale, Vice President of Procurement.

Information on the state Advisory Council on Procurement Lobbying.

Empire State Development Directory of Certified Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses - Searchable Database.



General Info

Learn about our Supplier Diversity Program

Check out our current requests for quotation (RFQs)

NYPA Procurement Guidelines (printer-friendly format)

Annual Report of Procurement Contracts:

Real Property

NYPA Guidelines and Procedures for the Acquisition of Real Property (printer-friendly version)

Annual Report of Acquisition of Real Property over $15,000:

NYPA Guidelines and Procedures for the Disposal of Real Property (printer-friendly version)

Annual Report of Disposal of Real Property over $15,000:

Annual Report of All Disposal of Real Property per 2896:

Overview of Real Property Holdings:

Personal Property

NYPA Guidelines and Procedures for the Disposal of Personal Property (printer-friendly version)

Annual Report of Disposal of Personal Property over $5,000:

Bid Results - Disposal of Personal Property per PAAA