David A. Paterson



Photo of Vice Chairman Michael J. Townsend

Michael J. Townsend
Acting Chairman
Monroe County
Became Trustee: 2004


Photo of Trustee Elise M. Cusack

Elise M. Cusack
Hometown: Eggertsville
Erie County
Became Trustee: 2005


Photo of Trustee James A. Besha

James A. Besha
Hometown: Berne
Albany County
Became Trustee: 2007



Photo of Trustee D. Patrick Curley

D. Patrick Curley
Hometown: Orchard Park
Erie County
Became Trustee: 2007

Eugene L. Nicandri
Hometown: Massena
St. Lawrence County
Became Trustee: 2008


Jonathan F. Foster
Hometown: Bedford
Westchester County
Became Trustee: 2008



Executive Management Team

President and Chief Executive Officer

Gil C. Quiniones
Acting Chief Operating Officer; Executive Vice President,
Energy Marketing and Corporate Affairs;

Arthur Cambouris
Acting Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Joseph M. Del Sindaco
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Joan Tursi
Acting Executive Vice President, Corporate Services and

Edward A. Welz
Executive Vice President and Chief Engineer,
Power Supply

Steven J. DeCarlo
Senior Vice President, Transmission

Angelo S. Esposito
Senior Vice President, Energy Services and Technology

William J. Nadeau
Senior Vice President, Energy Resource Management and
Strategic Planning

James H. Yates
Senior Vice President, Marketing and
Economic Development

Arnold M. Bellis
Vice President - Controller

Thomas H. Warmath
Vice President and Chief Risk Officer,
Energy Risk Assessment and Control