Webcasting of Public Meetings

The Western New York Power Proceeds Allocation Board webcasts its meetings, sending live video over the Internet. This is in line with Executive Order No. 3 for state agencies and authorities to use the web to transmit proceedings that are accessible to the public under the New York Open Meetings Law.

Dates of currently scheduled webcasts are listed at right. On the day of the meeting, please visit this page to hear the live webcast. A link to this page is available on the home page.

You can also access the archive of the meeting the following day. The archived copy will be available for thirty days and will be available upon request for an additional three months.


Use the below links to access past WNYPPAB press releases.


March 22: Governor Announces Low-Cost Hydropower Allocations to Five Western NY Firms in Support of 215 New Jobs and $193 Million in Capital Investments

May 13: N.Y. Power Authority Trustees Award First Power Proceeds Grants for Entrepreneurial and Manufacturing Efforts in WNY

July 23: N.Y. Power Authority Trustees Approve Power Proceeds Awards of $800,000 To Two Western New York Enterprises

July 30: Low-Cost Hydropower Provides Incentives to Attract and Expand Two Western New York Companies

December 20: N.Y. Power Authority Approves $3.5 Million in Hydropower Proceeds Funding Awards for Western New York


April 3: Governor Cuomo Announces $245,000 in Funding for Two Western New York Businesses

May 28: Governor Cuomo Announces More Than 335 Jobs Supported by Low-Cost Hydropower Allocations to Four Western NY Firms

ARCHIVE of Public Meeting MINUTES

Use the below links to access the meeting minutes of past WNYPPAB meetings.

WNYPPAB Meeting Minutes - March 4, 2013

WNYPPAB Meeting Minutes - May 13, 2013

WNYPPAB Meeting Minutes - June 26, 2013

WNYPPAB Meeting Minutes - September 10, 2013

WNYPPAB Meeting Minutes - November 18, 2013 (HTMLversion) (PDF version)



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