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The Western New York Power Proceeds Allocation Act, effective March 30, 2012, created the Western New York Power Proceeds Allocation Board (WNYPPAB), and required the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to establish the Western New York Economic Development Fund (Fund). The primary role of the WNYPPAB is to solicit and review applications, and make funding recommendations to the NYPA Board of Trustees. (By-Laws)


Fund proceeds are comprised of the net earnings from the Power Authority's market sale of unutilized Expansion and Replacement Power, which are two low-cost power programs associated with the Niagara Power Project.


An eligible applicant is a business or a not-for-profit corporation.

An “Eligible Project” is an economic development project by an applicant that is physically located in the State of New York within a 30-mile radius of the NYPA Niagara project in Lewiston. Access the PDF of the Niagara Thirty Mile Zone here.

“Eligible Projects” are those that support the growth of business in the State and thereby lead to the creation or maintenance of jobs and tax revenues for the state and local governments. Examples of eligible projects include, workforce development; energy-related projects, programs and services; capital investments in buildings, equipment, and associated infrastructure (collectively, "infrastructure") owned by an Eligible Applicant for Fund Benefits; transportation projects under state or federally approved plans; the acquisition of land needed for infrastructure; research and development where the results of such research and development will directly benefit New York state and support for tourism and marketing and advertising efforts for Western New York and Finger Lakes Regional tourism and business.

Visit the Regional Economic Development Council pages of Western NY or the Finger Lakes to review their respective strategies and priorities.

how to apply

Download the Preliminary Project Information Worksheet and enter the requested information. Send the completed document to the WNYPPAB staff at the email address located to the right. Once reviewed, the WNYPPAB staff will contact applicants with next steps.

Please download a copy of the Guidelines to assist you in completing the Application and in understanding the key details of the program.


Media inquries: Press Hotline, Empire State Development, (800) 260-7313 or PressOffice@ESD.NY.GOV. For more information, contact WNYPPAB staff at (716) 846-8228 or WNYPPAB@esd.ny.gov.

Compressed natural gas station

Have a look at some images of Erie County's first public compressed natural gas station in Tonawanda, NY.

Yancey's Fancy

Take a tour of Yancey's Fancy Artisan Cheese of Corfu, NY, one of the latest businesses to benefit from the WNYPPAB program.

Board Members

Anthony Colucci III
, Chair
Deanna Alterio Brennen
Dennis Elsenbeck
Brenda Williams McDuffie
Henry Wojtaszek

June 21- Power Proceeds Allocation Board Recommends $400,000 in Funding for Unique Manufacturing and Tourism Efforts in WNY


Next meeting Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 3pm

Meeting Schedule

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95 Perry Street
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