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“Our 2nd grade class would like to thank you for allowing "Mr. Dave" to visit our school. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned alot about electrical safety as well as how electricity travels.  The movie that was shown was very age appropriate. 

The children were engaged and highly motivated to learn more through our electrical unit of study.  Mr. Dave was very pleasant and had a good sense of humor. The children just loved him and the hands-on demonstrations that they participated in.

Once again, thank you for helping our inner city youth!”

Elementary School Teacher,
Niagara Falls Schools
Students enjoy electricity lessonsEnergy Education Programs

We've got fun down to a science!  Customize your visit to the Power Vista through a guided tour, scheduled in advance, or walk-in for a self-guided tour of the facility.  Guided tours, tailored to the age of the audience, can include the following options for stays as little as 15 minutes to several hours:

  • Power Presentation – (indoor and/or outdoor weather permitting)  Enjoy the incredible views 350 feet above the Niagara River in the comfortable environs of our glass enclosed walkway or feel the elements on the outdoor observation deck (weather permitting).  Learn about how water enters the project, drops through the penstocks and spins huge turbines generating electricity.  Compare the Niagara Power Project with a similar power project right across the river. See and hear the functions of huge gantry cranes.  Weather permitting, the presentation can also include an outdoor visit to the forebay area and a spare turbine. We’ll also discuss the incredible accomplishment of more than 11,700 workers who completed the Niagara project in three years. (10 – 30 minutes)

  • A Hair Raising Experience – A Power Vista favorite, the Basics of Electricity Show is tailored to the age of the audience and is also available during outreach programs.  For the youngest visitors (up to grade 3) we focus on electrical safety.  For grades 4-6, we introduce experimentation and discussion on protons, neutrons and electrons.  For grades 7 through adult we add more safety information and energy conservation.  Each includes a demonstration of static electricity with our Van de Graff generators – a definite photo opportunity! (15-30 minutes)

  • Get Powerful – Guests of all ages are encouraged to get hands-on, creating power safely in our electric lab.  Here you will find most of the more than 50 interactive exhibits that invite you to touch, crank, push, pull and even pedal your way to a better understanding of how electricity is produced and transmitted for use in our homes and businesses. You can also learn about the role hydropower has played in the Niagara Frontier’s history and see the future of electricity – solar power, wind power and fuel cells. (10 – 30 minutes) An Aerial Experience – Another Power Vista favorite.  Enjoy an updated version of this original scale model exhibit developed through thousands of aerial photos. It demonstrates with an audio presentation how Niagara River water is diverted to generate electricity. (5 minutes)

  • Respecting the Rapids – Enjoy a 20-foot by seven foot original oil painting by Thomas Hart Benton and learn how missionaries and Native Americans alike appreciated the thundering falls. (5 minutes)

  • Millions of Years in the Making – Cover millions of year’s worth of geology in just a few short minutes.  Stand at the base of where the falls once plunged about 12,000 years ago and see the various rock formations that make up the local geology. (5 minutes)

  • How Does it Run? – Thinking of buying a new vehicle?  Learn more about hybrid technology and how NYPA uses a fleet of hybrid vehicles to reduce our carbon foot print. (5 minutes)

  • An Eye-Opening Exploration – Take a learning adventure with age appropriate video presentations on electrical safety, magnetism, atoms, and the construction of the Niagara Power Project.  You can enjoy them on flat screen LCD monitors or 10-foot screen with surround sound in our classroom, or on LCD monitors in our large community room. The construction video is also available in our mini-theatre.  Titles include: Kato, Louie the Lightning Bug, Bill Nye the Science Guy and more. (5 – 30 minutes)

  • Fun ‘N Games – Now, who said learning can't be fun?  In outreach activities or our classroom complete with state-of-the-art smart board technology, we offer interactive games on topics from electricity, to renewable energy, and environmental protection.  We offer Jeopardy!, Power Ball,  Professor C, the Power Bandit, Louie’s Lab, power puzzles, searches and interactive Power Point games.  Send an electronic postcard of your visit to friends and family. (15 minutes to 1 hour)

  • Regain Your OWN Energy – The Power Vista offers a community room with seating up to 300 people for you to provide catered refreshments or a place to brown bag it.  Outdoor seating is also available weather permitting.

To schedule your visit, click here, or call 716-286-6661 or toll-free at 866-NYPA-FUN (1-866-697-2386).

We look forward to seeing you!