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Niagara Fishing Pier Notice

The New York Power Authority recognizes that operation of its Niagara Power Project can affect the quality of sport fishing near the base of its hydropower dam located in the Lower Niagara River. To improve access to this prime fishing spot, NYPA has invested several million dollars in a fishing pier and parking facilities.

Anglers are advised that, starting on October 8, 2010, the turbine-generator unit closest to the NYPA fishing pier will be out of service for long-term maintenance. When this unit is not working, it does not produce the churning water that attracts fish to the area. As a result, during this time of maintenance, anglers may not catch as many fish as under normal operating conditions. The turbine-generator unit is expected to remain out of service through the winter, resuming operation in time for the spring fishing season.

The Power Authority apologizes for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause, and encourages fishing enthusiasts to visit other sites NYPA has developed for recreational fishing. These include Lewiston Reservoir, near the Upper Mountain Fire Company building, and along the Upper Niagara River, near NYPA's two hydropower intake structures.