Exhibit A-2




Expansion Power


Company:                                  Transcedar Industries, LTD


Location:                                   Niagara Falls


County:                                    Niagara


IOU:                                          NIMO


Business Activity:                    Manufacturer of automotive thermostats and closer caps.


Project Description:                  The project will include a 15,000 square foot expansion of their existing facility.  In addition they will be adding new equipment which will enable them to expand production for their major customer. 


Prior Application:                     No


Existing Allocations:                None


Power Request:                        100 kW


Power Recommended:             100 kW


Job Commitment:     

               Existing                       10 jobs

               New                             10 jobs


New Jobs/Power Ratio:            100 Jobs/mW

New Jobs -

Avg. Wage and Benefits          $20,000


Capital Investment:                  $800,000


Capital Investment                   $8,000,000 Dollars/MW

Per MW


Summary:                                  Transcedar Industries is a manufacturer and distributor of automotive thermostats and closer caps.  They have been operating in Niagara Falls for over ten years. A low cost power allocation will help them reduce their costs and allow them to expand, add equipment and expand into new markets.