New York Power Authority Exhibit "4-A"
Expansion Power May 24, 2005
Recommendations for Allocations
Power  Estimated New Jobs Power 
Exhibit Requested New Capital Avg. Wage Recommended Contract
Number Company Name City County (kW) Jobs Investment Benefits (kW) Term (1)
A-1 Delaco Kasle Steel Buffalo Eire 750 54 $14,100,000 $49,000 750 8/31/2007
A-2 Transcedar Industries, LTD Niagara Falls Niagara 100 10 $800,000 $20,000 100 8/31/2007
  Total EP Recommended     850 64 $14, 900,000   850  
(1)  Expansion Power resale agreements with NYSEG and NIMO have automatic extension provisions until
2013 should the Niagara Project license be extended.  In addition should the Niagara Project license be extended 
the full term of these contracts will be for five years.