Exhibit “B-1“




Expansion Power


Company:                                  Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (AllVac)


Location:                                   Lockport, New York


County:                                     Niagara


IOU:                                          New York State Electric and Gas Corporation


Business Activity:                    Felt facility of specialty steel


Project Description:                  The project will include the installation of new machinery and equipment. This includes a grinder being designed and installed, a conveyor and a fume exhaust baghouse. Additional expenses will include building modifications and a radio-controlled crane. The company started the project in September 2004.


Prior Application:                     Yes


Existing Allocations:                None


Power Request:                        200 kW


Power Recommended:             200 kW


Job Commitment:     

               Existing                       43 jobs

               New                             3 jobs


New Jobs/Power Ratio:            15 jobs/MW


New Jobs -

Avg. Wage and Benefits          $73,000


Capital Investment:                  $357,000


Capital Investment                   $ 1,785,000/MW

Per MW

Summary:                                  The company’s Lockport plant is a felt facility of steel ingots, in particular. At this site, biomedical, aerospace and super alloy nickel-base alloys are melted using vacuum primary melting and secondary melting. The steel is used for power generation land- based turbines, rotating and on-rotating aircraft engines and air frames and biomedical applications.