Exhibit A-2




Replacement Power


Company:                                  E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company  


Location:                                   Niagara Falls, New York


County:                                     Niagara


IOU:                                          Niagara Mohawk


Business Activity:                    Manufacturer of various chemicals  


Project Description:                  The project includes investing in the purchase and installation of additional sodium and lithium cells and associated equipment used in the manufacturing of these chemicals. By installing these new cells, the company will be able to increase its production.


Prior Application:                     Yes


Existing Allocations:                31,700 kW of RP and 1,450 kW of EP


Power Request:                        10,000 kW


Power Recommended:             3,000 kW


Job Commitment:     

               Existing                       254 jobs

               New                             30 jobs


New Jobs/Power Ratio:            10 jobs/MW


New Jobs -

Avg. Wage and Benefits          NA


Capital Investment:                  $1,600,000  


Capital Investment                   $533,333/MW  

Per MW


Summary:                                  DuPont purchased its Niagara Falls facility in 1930 to support a number of intermediate chemical markets. Presently, the site produces sodium, lithium and chlorine. An additional low-cost power allocation will help the company reduce its overall costs, increase its volume and stay competitive.