Exhibit “A-1“




Replacement Power


Company:                                  BMP America, Inc.


Location:                                   Medina, New York


County:                                     Orleans


IOU:                                          Niagara Mohawk


Business Activity:                    Manufacture of textile components for business machines


Project Description:                  The project will include a 40,000-square-foot expansion of the company’s present site. This will allow for new machinery necessary to expand into new markets and create a safe, efficient environment for current production. The project cost will include land, building expansion, slitter machinery, sewing cell expansion, warehouse racks and felt equipment and felt- inspection rig.


Prior Application:                     No


Existing Allocations:                None


Power Request:                        120 kW


Power Recommended:             120 kW


Job Commitment:     

               Existing                       120 jobs

               New                             10 jobs


New Jobs/Power Ratio:            83 jobs/MW


New Jobs -

Avg. Wage and Benefits          $35,000


Capital Investment:                  $2,060,000


Capital Investment                   $ 1,716,66 /MW

Per MW


Summary:                                  BMP America specializes in the design and manufacturing of textile-related components primarily used in business machines. BMP is able to supply technically innovative textiles that meet its customers’ needs. Principal customers include Xerox, Kodak, HP and IBM.  The company is looking to diversify its customer base by supplying the customer appliances market with engineered textile products.