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Generating Sustainability

Our Commitment to the Environment

Photo of children at wetlands

In summary, the Power Authority's commitment to the environment is to...

  • recognize that the people of the State of New York have a genuine regard for the environment, and have the right to expect that the Authority, as a State-chartered energy supplier, will respect their concerns in this regard;
  • meet the requirements of all applicable environmental laws, regulations and permit requirements and to verify this commitment through environmental auditing and performance measurement;
  • reduce the impact of our operations on air, water, biota and land;
  • continue an aggressive, cost-effective pollution prevention, recycling and waste minimization program;
  • integrate environmental considerations into our regular business and planning processes and seek to use vendors and contractors who likewise integrate these concerns into their businesses;
  • support energy-efficiency and renewable-energy programs and encourage resource conservation;
  • educate our employees and contractors so that they each know their environmental responsibilities and share the Authoritys commitment to the environment;
  • pursue opportunities to achieve environmental enhancements through stewardship programs that incorporate stakeholder and community input for the responsible care of the land, air, water, biota and cultural resources associated with our land holdings and projects;
  • participate in the public policy debate and the scientific study of environmental issues affecting our industry; and
  • regularly measure environmental performance and share the results of those measurements with our employees, customers and the public at large, recognizing our unique position as a publicly owned leader in the electric utility industry.