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An Industry Leader in Technology Development


Photo of Lewiston microturbine
Microturbine-based combined heat and power plant—the first of its kind in New York—at the Lewiston wastewater treatment plant.

The Power Authority’s efforts to develop innovative technologies for the generation and transmission of electricity are redefining our role in the deregulated electricity marketplace while benefiting our operations, our customers and the public. We’re drawing attention to new environmentally sound methods of generating kilowatts, such as fuel cells, solar photovoltaic systems and wind turbines, because these forms of "distributed generation"—electricity sources that can be located close to a customer—will play an increasingly important role in the electricity industry’s future.

We conduct research directed at NYPA facilities and work with our customers to provide technical solutions that help them stay competitive. We also participate in institutional research at the state and national levels.

Our technology development efforts are drawing national attention as we break new ground in several areas, including transmission and generation of electricity, energy storage, distributed generation and equipment monitoring and diagnostics.

Some highlights...