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SUNY campuses benefit from NYPA's energy efficiency programsMeeting New York’s Energy and Environmental Goals

NYPA is moving forward on several major new energy efficiency initiatives announced by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

Governor Cuomo's Build Smart NY initiative has the goal of improving energy efficiency in state buildings 20% by 2020. Under the program, NYPA will provide $450 million in low-cost financing for energy efficiency projects in the largest and least efficient State government buildings. For most projects, no upfront capital spending will be required because agencies will be able to repay the loans through te projects' energy savings. The goal is to increase energy efficiency in state facilities by 20 percent through 2020.

NYPA will also provide $350 million to accelerate energy efficiency and clean energy programs for county and local governments and schools.

NYPA will finance a total of $800 million through 2016, to help reduce energy use at public facilities. More...

BuildSmartNY Executive Order 88 Guidelines

Energy Efficiency Market Acceleration Program (EE MAP)

We recently launched EE MAP, a $30-million program to speed development of new energy efficiency technologies in New York State. Funds will drive research, market development and demonstration projects to encourage investment, draw hi-tech companies to the Empire State and create clean energy jobs.

Together these initiatives, along with those of the state’s investor-owned electric and natural gas utilities, are moving New York toward its ambitious goals of cutting statewide power use by 15 percent by 2015, with similar savings in natural gas consumption. And that in turn will further the goals of the governor’s New York Works program, which seeks to enlist the private sector in rebuilding state infrastructure and creating jobs.

Questions? Representatives of eligible facilities can email us at Energy2014@nypa.gov or 1-866-314-4110.

List of energy efficiency projects