New York Power Authority
Maximum (2) Jobs
Business City Annual Award Committed (3) Term
Buckingham Manufacturing Co., Inc. Binghamton $15,000 196 Up to 3 years
CA, Inc.  (1) Islandia $3,600,000 - Up to 7 years
Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. Buffalo $3,700,000 - Up to 20 years
GE Aviation Systems LLC Bohemia  $200,000 - Up to 3 years
International Wire Group Camden $1,882,000 300 Up to 3 years
Kolmar Laboratories, Inc. Port Jervis $300,000 400 Up to 3 years
New Horizon Graphic, Inc. Hauppauge  $20,000 30 Up to 3 years
Nucor Steel Auburn, Inc. Auburn  $2,000,000 260 Up to 3 years
Owl Wire and Cable, Inc. Canastota & Rome $700,000 - Up to 3 years
Positive Promotions, Inc. Hauppauge  $100,000 460 Up to 3 years
Total $12,517,000 1,646
1. The Industrial Incentive Award to CA Inc. is contingent upon expiration of Energy Cost Savings Benefits (ECSB); therefore, 
there has been no Industrial Incentive Award payment obligation through June 30, 2012, ECSB's current expiration date.
2. Generally, the Industrial Incentive Award is based on a rate discount ($/kWh) off of actual electricity costs; therefore,
actual award payments depend on market prices, with total payments capped at the "Maximum Annual Award" amount.
3. For 3 IIA customers with other types of NYPA allocations - CA, Inc. (EDP), GE Aviation Systems LLC (PFJ), and 
Owl Wire and Cable, Inc. (EDP) - the "Jobs Committed" are not listed in this Exhibit VIII to avoid double counting.