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The people of Western New York have a reputation for working hard.  So it’s fitting that as a Western New York business, we do our part to keep the economy humming too. Thanks to the Power Authority’s Niagara Power Project, New York’s largest generating facility, we produce some of the nation’s least expensive electricity, which benefits area residents and businesses. In addition to our inexpensive electricity, we play a vital role in energizing Western New York through our energy conservation programs, commitment to the environment and community involvement.  The issuance of a new Photo of Buffalo Skylinefederal operating license for the Niagara Project, which took effect September 1, 2007, ensures the continuation of benefits to the region for another 50 years.

Economic Development and Jobs

Niagara power is the linchpin of our efforts to create and protect jobs in Western New York. By providing this inexpensive electricity, our Niagara project has saved New York residents and companies hundreds of millions of dollars a year in electricity costs. In return for this low-cost power, businesses commit to protect and create jobs. Thousands of Western New Yorkers at work at some 120 companies benefit from electricity supplied from all NYPA sources. (Learn more about our economic development programs.)

Energy Efficiency

NYPA energy-efficiency improvements at Western New York schools and other public buildings have lowered energy costs by $3.7 million a year and saved taxpayers millions of dollars a year while improving air quality.


  • A close to $5 million window replacement at SUNY Buffalo’s Governors Residence Hall;

  • A comprehensive $48.5 million program for Williamsville schools to upgrade heating, ventilation and air conditioning, replace boilers and chillers and install high-efficiency lighting. The ambitious, 13-school program is projected to save more than $550,000 a year.

Earlier projects have ranged from installing high-efficiency lighting in the Lewiston-Porter Central School District to replacing polluting coal furnaces at Buffalo public schools with clean, modern gas- or oil-fueled equipment. 

In 2002, the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal invited NYPA to expand its successful energy-efficient refrigerator program statewide. First in line for the program was the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, which offered its tenants the chance to participate voluntarily. More than 1,800 apartment dwellers traded in their older, less-efficient refrigerators for newer models, owned by the housing authority. (Learn more about our energy-efficiency programs.)

New Technologies

UB Solar StrandThe Solar Strand at the University at Bufflao, a 750-kw, 3,200-panel solar array, is among a number of NYPA projects that are leading New York into an age of solar-generated electricity. NYPA is also a national leader in demonstrating practical uses of fuel cell power plants, which produce electricity without combustion, and clean, electric-drive vehicles.  We also installed two microturbines at the Lewiston Water Pollution Control Facility. In line with the state's Executive Order 111, which established energy efficiency and renewable energy goals for state buildings and vehicles, the micro-turbines are fueled, in part, by anaerobic digester gas, a ‘free fuel’ produced through sewage treatment.  (Learn more about our new technology and clean transportation initiatives.)

Community Involvement

Some of the area’s leading attractions—Artpark, first-rate fishing facilities and hiking trails and public recreational improvements near the Niagara Falls High School—are legacies of the Power Authority’s half-century commitment to the community. We host many community events and our Niagara Project’s admission-free Power Vista—an excellent learning resource for school children and other guests—has about 80,000 visitors annually. Check our web calendar for community events near you.


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