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Village of Sherburne Adds a Hybrid-Electric Prius to Its Fleet Through Partnership with the New York Power Authority

Village of Sherburne -Travis Dubois, 607-674-2300
 NYPA - Connie Cullen - 914-390-8196

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November 6, 2008 


SHERBURNE—The Village of Sherburne recently received delivery of a new Prius through a partnership with the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to encourage the use of hybrid-electric vehicles.  These vehicles help improve air quality because of their lower emissions and use less fuel helping to reduce dependence on expensive gasoline. The joint-venture involving hybrid-electric vehicles is part of an agreement NYPA has with its municipal electric and rural cooperative customers, like Sherburne, to promote the use of clean electric transportation alternatives. 

"With gas costs high and the New York Power Authority offer of zero-percent interest for the Prius hybrid, the payback period is very short. Every mile we put on the Prius and take away from a pick-up truck is saving energy and money," said William Acee, mayor, Village of Sherburne. 

“We are pleased the Village of Sherburne, one of the Power Authority’s municipal electric customers, is taking the opportunity to utilize this environmentally beneficial transportation choice to provide essential municipal services,” said Richard M. Kessel, NYPA’s president and chief executive officer. 

The Village of Sherburne plans to assign the Prius for official use related to the operations of the Sherburne Electric Light Department and for use by municipal officials on village business. 

The agreement allows NYPA to offer zero-interest financing to the Village of Sherburne for a new 2008 Toyota Prius at the cost of about $22,000, to be paid back over the next three years.  The village receives from NYPA a hydropower allocation for lower-cost electricity to meet a portion of its electric requirements. 

Since the early 1990s, NYPA has put into service almost 1,000 electric and hybrid-electric vehicles in its own fleet and the fleets of its customers throughout New York State. In 2000, the Electric Drive Transportation Association, the preeminent industry group dedicated to advancing electric drive, recognized NYPA as the first utility in the Northeast to pass the million-mile mark for combined electric vehicle mileage.

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