Astoria Park Goes “Clean, Green & Serene”

Final Initiative in Queens Clean Air Project

Objective:  Replace gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles serving Astoria Park in Queens, New York, with new electric ones to reduce harmful emissions and save fuel.


Astoria Park Project Partners

Queens Borough President’s Office

City of New York Department of Parks &   Recreation

Clean Air Communities

New York Power Authority


Emission and Fuel Benefits

The switch to electric vehicles achieves a 15.3 ton/year reduction in harmful emissions, including 12.7 tons/year in greenhouse gas. The project also saves 821 gallons of fuel/year.


Six-passenger GEM, left; Toro Electric Workman

Quiet, Clean-Running Electric Vehicles

Two — Toro Electric Workman—transports staff and materials such as mulch, wood chips and bulk supplies at a large dump/cargo capacity (800 lbs.).

Two — Six-passenger Global Electric Motorcar (GEMs)—easily and efficiently transports staff and supplies through the narrow park paths.

Two — Long-box GEMs—transports staff and small equipment such as leaf blowers, up to 700 lbs of cargo.

Three — E-Z-GO Multi-Purpose Truck (MPT) 800E carts—transports staff, tools and small maintenance equipment, with up to 800 lbs. of cargo capacity.

Vehicles replaced include two GMC Jimmy trucks, a GMC three-yard dump truck, a Ford Bronco and a Ford F250 pickup truck, all fueled by gasoline.  Also replaced were a diesel- and a gas-fueled John Deere Gator.


About the Queens Clean Air Project (QCAP) Partnership

Implemented five projects to reduce air pollution and improve energy efficiency in Queens.

Funded by $2 million from the New York Power Authority. The four previous projects are:

Green Roof on Silvercup Studios Installed the largest green roof in New York, using soil and plants to provide insulation, and also reduce energy use and storm water run-off.

Emission Controls on New York City Department of Sanitation Trucks Installed innovative pollution controls on 65 refuse collection trucks.

Electric Airport Ground-Support Equipment at the Delta Air Lines Shuttle, La Guardia Airport Installed the first electric fleet at a New York airport.

Big Belly Solar-Powered Trash Compactors. Distributed 50 Big Belly units to reduce litter, promote renewable energy and improve local air quality.

The Astoria Park, NYC Sanitation and Delta projects reduce annual emissions of harmful pollutants by

785 tons and save 62,660 gallons of fossil fuels.

The green roof and Big Belly projects pioneered technologies to show how communities can be more energy efficient, clean and sustainable.


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