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Photos and Captions: New Nesting Platform Installed at Buckhorn Island State Park to Provide Alternate Nesting Location for Large Raptors

August 9, 2007

Photo and Caption: A High Wire Act—A pair of osprey chose a National Grid tower at Buckhorn Island State Park for building a nest this year. On Aug. 9, the utility teamed up with the New York Power Authority and state environmental and park agencies for installation of a nearby platform, to provide an alternate nesting location when the ospreys return next year for their seasonal migration. In September, National Grid will transfer materials from the nest to the newly-erected platform, which is attached to a 70-foot pole.

Photo and Caption: A View from the Heights—A pole-mounted nesting platform for attracting ospreys was erected at Buckhorn Island State Park on Aug. 9, stemming from wide-ranging environmental commitments by the New York Power Authority (NYPA) for the relicensing of its Niagara Power Project. The four-by-four-foot platform is similar to one previously installed by NYPA at its St. Lawrence-Franklin D. Roosevelt Project in Northern New York, where ospreys have nested, as depicted here.  

Photo Credit:  New York Power Authority 

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