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New York Power Authority, Assembly Member Gianaris Help a Literacy Garden Grow at Astoria's P.S. 84

Joseph Leary
April Miller, Office of Assemblyman Gianaris

December 13, 2005


QUEENS—The New York Power Authority (NYPA) today (Monday) contributed $2,000 for the construction of a “literacy garden” at P.S. 84, an elementary school in Astoria.  Assembly Member Michael N. Gianaris requested the funds from NYPA on behalf of P.S. 84.

“Helping to make the environment a better place is a commitment the Power Authority shares with the students, families, teachers, administrators and local residents in the P.S. 84 community,” said Joseph Leary, director, Public and Governmental Affairs, NYPA, at a Monday afternoon event to mark the donation.  “P.S. 84 should be applauded for taking so seriously its responsibility to improve the learning environment through the literacy garden, just like the Power Authority takes its responsibility to improve air quality seriously through initiatives including our new Astoria facility, which will be among the cleanest power plants in New York City.”

"I wish there had been a literacy garden when I attended P.S. 84," said Assembly Member Gianaris. "The garden will help beautify the school and the neighborhood and provide students with a better learning experience by giving them a more exciting school environment in which to learn, and make their school experience a better one."

“We are sincerely thankful to Assembly Member Michael Gianaris and the New York Power Authority for getting this project beyond the planning stage.  Having graduated from this school himself, its wonderful to see the pride that Assemblyman Gianaris and so many other community members including the New York Power Authority have for this great school,” said Tony Loverso, assistant principal, The Steinway School, P.S. 84.

The literacy garden will expand the school’s teaching venues by adding at least one outdoor classroom.  Students and teachers will use the literacy garden for a wide variety of activities including read-aloud story time, and scientific exploration and observation.  The garden will be larger than many of the 103 year-old classrooms at P.S. 84.  This will give students the opportunity to spread out with their materials during instructional time.

By using some of the planting materials commonly used when the P.S. 84 school building was constructed, the literacy garden will pay homage to the character of the building.  Also, architectural landscaping techniques will be subtly incorporated into the existing topography to further enhance the beauty of this landmark building.

The Power Authority funds will pay for all materials while all work will be done, at no cost, through the volunteer efforts of the community, parents, students, and the school’s teachers and administrators.

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