N.Y. Power Authority to Conduct Safety Inspections of Its Transmission Lines, Facilities

Brian Vattimo

June 28, 2005


WHITE PLAINS—The New York Power Authority (NYPA) Board of Trustees Tuesday unanimously supported a measure that authorizes electrical safety testing of all Power Authority transmission and distribution facilities.

The action comes in light of a recent order by the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) requiring all regulated electric utilities in the state to annually test their publicly accessible transmission and distribution facilities for safety and inspect all of their electric facilities at least once every five years.

“While NYPA is not subject to this order, our board believes it is important that public safety remains a top priority and that we have 100 percent confidence our transmission lines and distribution facilities are safe and secure,” said Eugene W. Zeltmann, NYPA president and chief executive officer.

It is expected NYPA will spend $300,000 for the testing, which will begin immediately. All the information and reports generated from the safety testing program will be shared with the PSC.

NYPA has more than 1,400 miles of overhead transmission lines which are supported by more than 14,000 transmission structures on public lands. NYPA also has underground transmission facilities and its various generation and substation facilities have electrical distribution equipment.