Power Authority Donates More Computers to Niagara Falls' Schools

Cathy Blood

March 14, 2005


NIAGARA FALLS—The New York Power Authority has donated more surplus computer equipment to Niagara Falls High School as part of its program to make refurbished computers available to schools statewide.

 “No other New York Governor has supported education in the record amounts that Governor Pataki has, and the Power Authority is proud to work with him, through donations of computers to schools statewide, to help prepare this next generation of New Yorkers with the high tech skills they’ll need for success,” said Louis P. Ciminelli, chairman of the Power Authority.

“We commend Governor Pataki and the Power Authority for their continuing generosity to Niagara Falls’ public schools through this donation of computers to the high school,” said Carmen Granto, Niagara Falls’ superintendent of schools. “Donations like these help our students remain up to date with their computer equipment without adding another burden for the taxpayers.”

The Power Authority, which delivered 10 more computers to Niagara Falls High School., utilizes about 1,700 computers in its normal operation and replaces about 400 to 500 computers each year.

The surplus equipment is thoroughly cleaned and provided with a minimum of 64 megabytes of memory.  The computers have been tested with a new installation of the operating system, and any missing or broken parts have been replaced.

Statewide, the Power Authority has provided about 400 reconditioned computers to schools over the past two-and-a-half years.