NYPA Launches $400,000 Program for Energy-Efficiency Improvements at St. Vincent’s Hospital Staten Island

Michael Saltzman

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February 11, 2005 

STATEN ISLAND—The New York Power Authority (NYPA) will implement an energy-efficiency project at St. Vincent’s Hospital Staten Island to lower the hospital’s overall energy costs while helping to improve local air quality by reducing the facility’s fuel use.

NYPA made a ceremonial check presentation Friday for $400,000 to St. Vincent’s for work to enhance the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems of the hospital’s Elizabeth Ann Seton Building, Sister Loretto Bernard Building and the Residence Staff Building.

“Our experiences in Staten Island and throughout New York State underscore the benefits of implementing energy-efficiency projects as a means of lowering energy costs and cleaning the air,” said Joseph Leary, NYPA director of Public and Government Affairs for Southeastern New York, who represented the Authority at the event. “When Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro asked us to duplicate these efforts at St. Vincent’s, we were happy to take on the job, and support this important health-care facility and the essential services it provides.”

Leary noted that NYPA has completed energy-efficiency projects at more than 60 Staten Island public facilities, including Borough Hall, the 120th and 122nd police precinct station houses, South Beach Psychiatric Center and the Castleton and Yukon bus depots. The projects have cut annual electric bills by about $2 million and emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide by more than 15,600 tons.

“We’ve achieved similar results for more than 2,100 public facilities across the state, cutting their electric bills by nearly $90 million a year and greenhouse gas emissions by about 660,000 tons,” said Eugene W. Zeltmann, NYPA president and chief executive officer. “We continue to add projects like the one we’re undertaking for St. Vincent’s as part of the aggressive efforts under Gov. George E. Pataki to enhance the state’s energy efficiency.”

Borough President Molinaro said, “I’m delighted that the Power Authority has been able to identify energy-savings opportunities at St. Vincent’s and help it to lower its overall cost of operations while improving air quality. This is a venerable institution whose outstanding inpatient and outpatient services will be supported by the energy-efficiency improvements the Power Authority is planning.”

An energy appraisal conducted by NYPA engineers, in cooperation with the hospital’s facility management, identified various energy-efficiency work items, which will commence by summer and be completed by the end of the year. They will include installation of a building management system, featuring monitoring and control equipment, and an automated computer system to make it all work. The equipment will enhance the comfort level for building occupants and contribute to lowering the facility’s energy use.

“We’re looking forward to the energy-efficiency modifications that the Power Authority is planning and thank Borough President Molinaro for his role in making this possible,” said Dawn Gideon, executive director, St. Vincent’s Hospital. “The lower energy bills that we’re anticipating from these initiatives will allow for additional resources to be invested in direct patient care, such as new equipment, programs and services. In addition, St. Vincent’s will be contributing to improved air quality for the community.”

St. Vincent’s Hospital Staten Island is one of eight hospitals in four of the five New York City boroughs and in Westchester County under St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers. The system, which also includes four nursing facilities and more than 60 ambulatory care sites, serves nearly 600,000 people a year.

The New York Power Authority is a major statewide supplier of lower-cost electricity. Thousands of public facilities and services in the city receive its power, with significant savings to taxpayers.