Power Authority Provides Funding for Stream Stabilization in Gilboa

Jack Murphy

January 27, 2005


GILBOA - Steven DeCarlo, the New York Power Authority’s regional manager for Central New York presented $75,000 to Gilboa Town Supervisor Anthony Van Glad to help fund stabilization of a 3,600-foot segment of the Schoharie Creek shoreline at Old Stryker Road.

“I want to thank Steve DeCarlo,  Bill Slade and the Power Authority for the help they’ve provided for this project,: said Supervisor Van Glad. “Getting a stable shoreline for that stretch of Schoharie Creek could help cut down flooding problems in the future.”

The shoreline along Old Stryker Road was severely damaged in a flood on Jan. 19, 1996. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provided funds for the town to purchase and remove buildings within a 53-acre parcel along the road. FEMA designated the area as a floodplain and it may not be developed for 99 years.

The project was developed by William Slade, director of environmental programs for the Power Authority in consultation with town leaders. It was designed to stabilize the 3,600-foot section of the stream bank and also create a permanent easement along its length.

The Power Authority had sought a suitable environmental enhancement in the vicinity of the Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Project to meet a requirement imposed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after remediation of a slide area on the power project’s Brown Mountain.

The placement of a “toe berm” in the lower reservoir to help stop the slide caused the loss of open water habitat across the foot print of the stone structure. To compensate for this loss, the Corps of Engineers required the Power Authority to assist the Town of Gilboa in an environmental benefits program.