State Announces Available Funding for Hydrogen Technology Demonstration Projects

Connie Cullen (NYPA)
Tom Collins (NYSERDA)                     
518-862-1090, ext. 3250

September 2, 2004


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the New York Power Authority (NYPA) today announced that $1.5 million is being made available in funding for hydrogen technology demonstration projects. NYSERDA and NYPA will seek proposals for hydrogen technology demonstration projects in the areas of hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and utilization.

 “New York is at the forefront of advancing hydrogen technology, and we are strategically positioned to play a leadership role in the nation’s transition to a Hydrogen Economy,” said Peter R. Smith, President of NYSERDA. “By investing in and embracing emerging technology, such as fuel cells and other hydrogen related technologies, we are creating economic development opportunities here in New York, while helping to address issues and concerns we face with respect to energy security, global climate change, and improving our air quality.”

 Louis P. Ciminelli, Chairman of the New York Power Authority said, "Under the leadership of Governor George E. Pataki, New York State is vigorously working to bring the benefits of the hydrogen economy to the people of New York State. Advancing new technologies to exploit the potential of hydrogen as an energy resource offers opportunities for economic growth, improved environmental quality and enhanced energy independence."

 Earlier this year, NYSERDA, NYPA, and the Long Island Power Authority announced $750,000 in funding to assist the State in creating a “Hydrogen Roadmap”, developing hydrogen education and outreach programs, reviewing hydrogen codes and standards, and initiating targeted hydrogen research and development in New York. Working with business, industry, and academic leaders, the roadmap is helping to identify the steps the State should take to systematically put a hydrogen infrastructure in place, by considering options and setting targets for the development, investment, and commercialization of hydrogen initiatives. It will also serve to educate the public about hydrogen-related energy.

“These demonstration projects will build on the investment we made in creating the hydrogen roadmap,” said Smith. “Our demand for energy is expected to increase significantly over the next several decades, and hydrogen technology can play an important part of meeting New York’s objectives for improved fuel diversity, reliability, energy efficiency, and environmental quality.”

“The new funding will continue to foster the Empire State’s leadership in advanced energy technology and support the Governor’s efforts to chart a sound course for New York’s hydrogen future,” Ciminelli added.

Hydrogen is versatile in terms of its ability to be produced from fossil fuels, nuclear power, or renewable resources, and has the potential to reduce the State’s and nation’s dependence on imported oil, enhance energy security, and reduce emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases.

The primary challenge to using more hydrogen in our energy systems is the cost of producing, storing, and transporting it. The current round of funding being made available will seek demonstration projects to address one or more of these challenges such as, producing hydrogen from renewable energy sources like solar and biomass, deploying end use technologies like hydrogen-fueled vehicles and fuel cells, developing a fueling infrastructure, and exploring transportation and delivery options for hydrogen.     

In addition to the State’s efforts and investment in hydrogen, New York has also received federal dollars to help move hydrogen technology forward. NYSERDA and the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) teamed up in a proposal to the federal Department of Energy that has led to RIT being named as one of four new Hydrogen Technology Learning Centers in the country. The Center will serve to educate students, potential end-users, local officials and the public about the vision of hydrogen economy, hydrogen technologies and applications, the safe use of hydrogen as an energy carrier, and the challenges to achieving a hydrogen economy.

To find out more about funding for hydrogen technology demonstration projects (PON 889), proposal requirements, and how and where to submit proposals, please visit and click on Funding Opportunities. Proposals are due October 12, 2004.