NYPA Joins With Bronx Borough President to Deliver Electric Trucks to U.S. Postal Service

Brian Warner

July 7, 2004


NEW YORK--Eight new zero-emission electric delivery trucks have officially joined the United States Postal Service fleet serving the Hunts Point and Mott Haven communities in the Bronx, thanks to the New York Power Authority (NYPA).

Borough President Adolfo Carrion Jr. joined David Solomon, Postal Service vice president for area operations, and representatives from several-community based organizations at a ceremony Wednesday at the Hunts Point Post Office to mark the occasion.

“The vehicles that the Post Office has put to work in the Bronx at my request are nearly silent in their operation and produce no harmful emissions,” Carrion said. “These trucks are part of the future of the working Bronx and will certainly contribute to improving the air quality in these neighborhoods.

“I welcome the use of the electric-powered postal delivery trucks and hope that more of these new non-polluting vehicles will be launched in the Bronx soon.”

Solomon said, “The Postal Service continues its role as a leader in alternative fuel transportation. Our commitment to a cleaner environment, without compromise to dependable mail service, is evident by our deployment of these electric vehicles to the Bronx.”

Joseph Leary, NYPA’s director of public and government affairs for Southeastern New York, said, “Under the leadership of Governor George E. Pataki, New York State is vigorously working to improve air quality and cut dependence on imported oil through increased reliance on clean transportation alternatives. These electric postal vehicles are part of that effort.” 

NYPA has supplied funding for 22 electric delivery trucks already in service at postal facilities elsewhere in New York City. The latest additions—CitiVans manufactured by Solectria—are part of a $23 million voluntary initiative by NYPA to offset the emissions from a series of small, clean power plants installed three years ago to address power shortages predicted for downstate New York.  Two of the small plants overlook the Harlem River.

“We are very pleased to assist the New York Power Authority and the United State Postal Service in their efforts to improve the quality of the air in the Bronx,” said Douglas Alderton, national sales manager for Solectria, representing the company’s president, John Muclair. “We look forward to new opportunities for partnering with organizations like the Postal Service and NYPA to add more clean vehicles to the streets of New York.”

Solectria CitiVans are two-ton delivery trucks that in the Bronx will replace diesel-powered trucks used to transport mail and bulk packages between central distribution facilities and neighborhood post offices serving Hunts Point and Mott Haven.  Three vehicles will be stationed at the Hunts Point facility; the other five have joined the fleet at the Mott Haven post office.

The CitiVan by Solectria has a range of 40 miles on a complete charge, with a top speed of 60 miles per hour. To improve overall energy efficiency, each vehicle has regenerative braking to capture energy lost while braking. Over the course of a year, each truck will eliminate about 4,833 pounds of carbon dioxide, 32 pounds of nitrogen oxides and one pound of particulate matter.

NYPA is a recognized national leader in the promotion and demonstration of electric drive technologies. With the inclusion of the new CitiVans, NYPA has helped place nearly 60 electric or hybrid-electric vehicles in service in the Bronx.  Statewide, the total exceeds 700 vehicles for state university campuses, local governments, community organizations and public parks and recreation areas.

NYPA is the nation’s largest state-owned provider of electricity.  In New York City, it supplies power for public schools, hospitals, subway and commuter trains and other public facilities and purposes.