Popular Porcelain Doll Show to Continue at Lansing Manor through July 5

Michael Saltzman

June 18, 2004


NORTH BLENHEIM—The New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) historic Lansing Manor is now hosting a world-class porcelain doll show that will continue thru July 5.  The exhibit showcases the collection of Summit resident Doris Craspser, a doll collector for 20 years.  Her collection includes porcelain dolls from such prominent companies as Ashton-Drake, Paradise Gallery and the Franklin Mint, and features some of the most exquisite and life-like dolls in the world. 

Mrs. Craspser said she grew up during the Great Depression and, ironically, had no dolls as a child.  She attributes her love of dolls today to her circumstances growing up and the collection on display confirms her passion.  These porcelain wonders were designed and crafted by some of the world’s finest artists and some are worth over $300, with their values increasing annually.  Mrs. Craspser’s collection ranges from the traditional porcelain babies to more elaborate fancy ladies and can be admired by all ages for their detailed artistry. 

The exhibit was originally scheduled as a weekend event in early June, but after receiving an enthusiastic response from visitors, Mrs. Craspser was asked to keep her dolls on display through July, 5.  The impression of the dolls is one of timelessness and beauty, which produces a strong sense of nostalgia that nicely compliments the historic décor of Lansing Manor. 

Lansing Manor, at NYPA’s Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Project Visitors Center, is open Wednesday thru Monday from 10am to 5pm with free admission.  The site is located on Route 30, 17 miles South of Middleburgh.