New York Power Authority to Issue Request for Long-term Power Supplies for New York City Public Customers

Michael Saltzman

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June 3, 2004


WHITE PLAINS—The New York Power Authority (NYPA) will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) on Friday (June 4) for long-term electricity supplies to serve its government customers in New York City.

“Our goal is to ensure continued supply of economical power for these highly valued customers that is environmentally clean and contributes to reliability of their electricity service,” said Louis P. Ciminelli, NYPA chairman. “The essential facilities and services these customers provide, including schools, hospitals, subways and commuter trains, underscore the importance we’re placing on arrangements for their power needs for the years ahead.”

NYPA is seeking as much as 500 megawatts (mw) of in-city capacity and sufficient energy supplies, to commence no sooner than February 1, 2008, for up to 20 years.

That date coincides with a historic agreement reached in 2002 for shutdown of NYPA’s Charles Poletti Power Project in Queens, an 875-mw, oil-and natural-gas-fueled facility, as early as 2008. The project first produced power in 1977.

Under the RFP, the Power Authority will consider bids from new or existing power plants. Consideration will be given to “newer, cleaner energy sources of generation and to other solutions, including generation produced by renewable sources, that improve the environment in New York City by displacing older, higher polluting generation.” NYPA will also take into account projects that “avoid major land-use conflicts and/or negative neighborhood impacts.”

 The RFP further states that the Power Authority “seeks to develop a diversified supply portfolio and may favor multiple (contract) awards.”

Electricity offered to meet NYPA’s in-city capacity requirements must be “electrically located” in New York City under the rules of the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), which exercises operational control over most of the transmission facilities in New York State.

The requirements may also be met through a new transmission line or lines.

Those interested in receiving a copy of the RFP should contact the Power Authority’s Director of Supply Planning, Pricing and Contracts, Jordan Brandeis ( Jordan.Brandeis@NYPA.Gov )